Professional Focus Groups

A Professional Focus Group (PFG) is a group of professionals that has formed resulting from an area of common professional interest.  They are endorsed group within ANZSSA that enables them to contribute to the strategic directions of ANZSSA and have access to resources to assist them in their professional development or networking activities for its membership.

Current Professional Focus Groups and Convenors

Professional Focus Group
Higher Education Health Providers Kim-Jane Turudia
Student Financial Advisors Network Stuart Martin
Heads of Counselling Jeremy Cass
Counsellors (New Zealand) Gerard Hoffman
First Year Experience & Peer Mentoring  Vandana Minhas Taneja 
Indigenous Marie Cocker
Caroline Spotswood
Directors of Student Services of Australia and New Zealand (DOSSANZ) Stephanie Taylor
Clubs, societies and associations Gemma Skipper


Setting up a PFG

  1. Any member of ANZSSA can identify an area of unmet need where a group of practitioners in similar interest areas are seeking networking and professional development opportunities
  2. The PFG’s membership must be open to members in Australia and New Zealand
  3. Select a Convenor for the group
  4. Provide a one page submission to the ANZSSA Executive outlining: the area of professional interest and a business case as to why the PFG is needed; the goals and vision for the PFG;  the proposed strategy for engaging members in the PFG
  5. The ANZSSA Executive will make their determination within 6 weeks as to whether the PFG is to be endorsed by ANZSSA
  6. Once endorsed, the PFG and the Convenor’s contact details will be advertised via ANZSSA’s communication channels (e.g. web, social media, newsletter)

Role of the Convenor

  1. To be the primary contact person for business relating to the PFG for both the ANZSSA Executive and ANZSSA members
  2. In collaboration with PFG members, be responsible for the coordination of PFG activity
  3. Be responsible for reporting activity to ANZSSA
  4. Be responsible for ensuring that the PFG supports a geographically dispersed membership

Minimum Requirements of a PFG for ongoing endorsement

  1. Active participation in and/or contribution to the ANZSSA Advisory Council
  2. A minimum of two networking exchanges or professional development opportunities for members per year
  3. Ongoing management of an electronic network
  4. Management of a membership database
  5. Annual written report to the ANZSSA Annual General Meeting outlining activities for the year and plans for the following year

Opportunities for promotion of the PFG

  1. ANZSSA website 
  2. ANZSSA Newsletter
  3. Social media – LinkedIn, Twitter

Incentives for PFGs

  1. Recognition and endorsement by ANZSSA – an organisation with global support
  2. The ability to contribute strategically to the future directions of ANZSSA
  3. A position on the ANZSSA Advisory Council
  4. Access to a network of professionals across Australia and New Zealand
  5. The ability to share and profile best practice across the sector
  6. Access to $1,000 of ANZSSA funding per annum to contribute to PFG networking or professional development activities
  7. Access to ANZSSA’s suite of social media and digital promotional tools to assist in building the membership base or communicate with its members

Funding for Professional Group activities

An application for funding to support regional activities must be submitted at least 60 days before the event is scheduled. For further information download the Professional Development Proposal Request Form.

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